About Our Company

As two sisters with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for helping people achieve their natural beauty, skin care, and therapeutic goals, we knew owning a spa was our destiny. About 5 years ago, we made a small “put it in the universe” promise to each other while drinking a lunchtime margarita at a local restaurant. We were unsure of the time, effort, and financial demand we were in for, but we knew we would not stop until we achieved our goal. Fast forward 4 years, we were excited about our small, quaint, 10x12 room. Presented with the opportunity to “upgrade” our space, we moved into a 500 sq. ft. studio with our excitement beaming. As God would have it, he shed his grace upon us and blessed us with a 1,300 sq. ft. space in downtown Abbeville. So, with stars in our eyes and pride in our hearts, we packed up the studio we had just filled and moved into our very own spa, known now as detendez-vous.


Sisters Janelle Lopez and Jaimmie Adams look forward to serving you.